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  • LOA---32' 1"
  • LWL---29' 4"
  • BEAM---8' 0"
  • DRAFT---1' 3" board up /     4' 3" board down
  • BALLAST---830 lb.
  • SAIL AREA---470 sq. ft
  • DISPLACEMENT---5570 lbs.
  • SA/DISPL RATIO---23.2

A 32'' sharpie ketch for wood construction
Brewer Design #64-1

MYSTIC offers the amateur builder or small boat shop a reasonable sized yacht of simple construction and modest cost. She is built of plywood on fir or white oak framing, nail fastened and glued for ease of construction, strength and watertightness. MYSTIC differs from the usual sharpie design in that she has sufficient ballast outside to enhance stability, a self bailing cockpit and a high "pinky" stern for safety in following seas. Her Capsize Screening Factor is unusually good for a light displacement yacht and indicates a vessel that can handle a lot of weather in her stride.

Mystic-Sharpie---Sailplan.gif (33837 bytes)

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The accommodations provide good sitting headroom, 4 full sized berths, generous stowage space and complete facilities for extended cruising. The cockpit is quite roomy for daysailing as well. Auxiliary power is by an economical 9.9-15 hp outboard motor in a convenient centerline well and will move the easily driven hull at good speeds.

The picturesque rig resembles a gaff ketch with topsails set and was adapted from a Great Lakes working sharpie. It spreads very generous sail area for light winds yet has a low center of effort and the convenience of a single halyard on each sail. With deep reefs, the sail plan can be reduced to suit a wide variety of wind conditions while keeping the boat on her feet and moving along at a good speed. The rig is effective and provides solid performance; one of these boats was clocked reaching at 10 knots over a measured mile!

Mystic-Sharpie---layout-&-p.gif (40840 bytes)

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MYSTIC possesses all the advantages of the original sharpies; her shoal draft allows her into the gunkholes beloved of true cruising sailors and across bars forbidden to keel boats. She is easy to handle, inexpensive to build and maintain; yet, in competent hands, MYSTIC is quite seaworthy enough for coastwise cruising.

Dollar for dollar, MYSTIC will repay her owner with more performance, comfort and cruising pleasure than any other type of sailboat he can build in her size range.

Mystic-Sharpie-sailing.gif (88458 bytes) MysticSharpie-beached.gif (88949 bytes)
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Study Plans: $45 US

Complete Plans: $295 US

Ordering Information

Study plans contain sufficient drawings to price out materials or obtain a professional bid; the cost of study plans is credited if complete plans are later ordered. Complete plans include rights to build one boat, plus reasonable consultation during construction.



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