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  • LOA---40' 3" or 42' 9"
  • LWL---33' 4"
  • BEAM---12' 4"
  • DRAFT---5' 6"
  • BALLAST---8500 lbs.
  • SAIL AREA---1000 sq. ft.
  • DISPLACEMENT---29600 lbs.
  • SA/DISPL RATIO---16.70
  • TANKS---120 gals. Fuel, 160 gals. Water

A 40' or 43' Auxiliary Cruiser for steel construction
Brewer Design #104

The original CORTEN was a 40 foot, double chine, outboard rudder, steel gaff rigged schooner. The first boat completed to the design, built in the '70s, is still afloat and still in the family. CORTEN has proven to be a very popular design over the years and, at the request of different clients, we have developed marconi schooner, cutter and ketch rigs, a radius bilge hull, a fin keel/skeg rudder lateral plane and counter stern versions. The builder can truly tailor this design to suit his personal preferences. There is even a pilot house version with inside controls.

Corten---cutter---sailplan.gif (20536 bytes)

Corten cutter
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Corten---schooner---sailpla.gif (33440 bytes)

Corten schooner
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Corten---pilothouse-ketch--.gif (23695 bytes) 

Corten pilothouse ketch
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CORTEN has proved that she can move along with the best of them with any of the rigs. Even the schooners have enough "drive" to surprise many supposedly fast boats in light airs once they set their fisherman staysail and jumbo jib.



The layout accommodates up to 8 in 3 separate cabins but that is crowding it. However a family or 2 couples can live aboard for long periods in comfort. 

Corten Sloop 

Corten Sloop

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Corten  Ppilothouse

    Corten pilothouse layout     click drawing to see larger image

 The diesel stove, large nav area and the spacious head are conveniences that add greatly to cruising pleasure.



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Many of these vessels have been built by both amateur and professional builders. They are proven able and seaworthy, have crossed the Pacific and made many blue water voyages without problem. There is no doubt that a CORTEN will attract favourable attention and a great deal of interest wherever she may poke her bowsprit.

Corten Schooner 

Corten Schooner 

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 Corten Schooner


Study Plans: $95 US

Complete Plans: $995 US

Ordering Information

Study plans contain sufficient drawings to price out materials or obtain a professional bid; the cost of study plans is credited if complete plans are later ordered. Complete plans include rights to build one boat, plus reasonable consultation during construction.




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